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Dear Church,

I love puns. Hence the subtitle of todays post. I thought it was both fitting (and a little funny according to the world of #dadjokes) to use that subtitle as we continue our companion blog series to our current sermons series, “The Church: Then, Now, Next,” since the blog series features some additional thoughts on the previous Sunday’s topic.  Thanks for humoring me in that regard!

Today’s “addition” is the story of Harriett Thompson, who completed her 15th marathon…at age 91! Harriett, herself a cancer survivor, completed her first marathon in 1999 to help raise money in support of other friends battling the same disease—a calling from God to be sure.

I really wanted to include Harriett’s story but ultimately felt the idea of us growing like flowers was a better way to illustrate the idea of being “God’s field” that we find in 1 Corinthians 3. , I liked that idea  even more when I thought of Jesus’s words on lilies of the feld and the mustard seed as well as when my wife directed me towards the “marigold effect.”

Still, Harriett has something to teach us  in a vivid way of what it means to grow like a flower in God’s garden. I don’t want to suggest that what Harriet did at her age is the exact same “blooming” we should all seek, but I am encouraged by the truth Harriet’s actions illustrate—the race goes on. We have a part to play. God is not done with any of us yet.

I hope that during this week you can take some comfort that no mater your age, you are still worthy of God’s attention, care, and call. That you still have abilities, and opportunities to serve and love. That even now, your actions, have an impact of which you may not be fully aware. Take some comfort in this good news: God is not done with any of us yet. Thanks be to God!

The Lord Bless and Keep You,

Rev. Ben


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* Boy Scout Troop 392 is having a Krispy Kreme fundraiser. Please contact the church office at (919) 772-0727 for information on how to get your certificate for a dozen glazed donuts. The cost is $15 for each certificate which can be used at any Krispy Kreme location across the United States. (Not valid for in grocery store purchases.)

* The 2023 Flower Chart is up! The flower chart is posted in the hallway and ready for sign-ups. The cost of the flowers for the coming year is $40.00.

*Donna Gould’s mother-in-law, Annarah, turns 100 years old on February 7th. They are having a party at the assisted living facility where she is a resident. Donna is asking family and friends to send Annarah a birthday card to help her celebrate. If you want to help make Annarah’s birthday special please send her a birthday to let her know how much she is loved and how special she is. Contact the church office for more information at (919) 772-0727

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*Prayers for Peace: Our world continues to need prayers of word and deed for peace. As we prepare for a new year, may we pray for those affected by the extreme cold weather across the US, and flooding in California, as well as those continuing to rebuild from storms last year. Please continue to keep law enforcement and first responders in your prayers as well as those struggling with gun violence in too many places in our nation (including Raleigh, NC). In our congregation, we have had many also who have suffered unexpected loss–continue to treat others and self with tenderness and grace.

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