Therefore, friends, select from among yourselves seven men of good standing,
full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we may appoint to this task…” The selection of the first deacons in Acts 6:3, New Revised Standard Version

Deacons in the Presbyterian Church (USA) carry on the tradition of deacons from the New Testament who cared for the poor and needy members of the church with the distribution of food and other necessities. The Board of Deacons at First Presbyterian Church of Garner are organized into teams designed to care for members and the community.

Shepherd Groups

Each deacon has a group of 8 to 10 families to shepherd. This role includes:

  • Maintaining regular contact with church members or regular visitors;
  • Sharing special needs and/or information with the pastoral leadership and other deacons;
  • Offering fellowship opportunities; and
  • Supporting mission activities.

Social/Fellowship Ministry Team

This team facilitates and sustains an active social and fellowship ministry which promotes fun, family and Christian values.

Hospitality Ministry Team

This three-step ministry includes extending invitations to people in the community, welcoming people when they visit, and facilitating the assimilation of new members. The ministry team maintains a Greeter Schedule.

Communication Ministry Team

This ministry team will help enhance communication within the church family and within the community. The scope includes the maintaining current website information, assisting with “The Spire” newsletter, and developing effective email and social media processes ‒ to ensure good communication within the church.

Home-Bound Communion Ministry

“Do this in remembrance of Me”—These words mean so much to many who are no longer able to physically attend church. This ministry team provides communion on the first Sunday of the month to those unable to receive the sacraments at church.

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