Gun Violence

Over the last few days, especially since the gun violence that claimed innocent lives in Buffalo, NY, Laguna Woods, CA, and Uvalde, TX, this feed has been quiet other than our daily devotions. Part of this was intentional as we gathered thoughts, prayed in lament, and listened to wise voices weeping, raging, challenging, and calling.
But now it is time–honestly past time–to speak;.
Inspired by God’s spirit of justice and resurrection, we respond to Christ’s call to be part of the world’s renewal. We do this with humility–because we do not have all the answers, because we are limited in our understanding, because the church has its own skeletons in the closet when it comes to pain and violence and so many other sins that tear people apart.
But we cannot afford to be silent any more. Look later today and in weeks to come for articles, prayers, and prompts that might continue to help us speak about these things and how, in speaking, we might help answer violence with justice, love, peace, and hope.

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